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Access to the Nation’s Leading Medical Expertise

2nd.MD provides convenient virtual access to experts from top national institutions who are leading the research, clinical trials, and next generation of health care. Whether it’s a new diagnosis, upcoming surgery, or questions about a chronic condition or pain, we help you on your healthcare journey.

Expert Medical Opinions

At 2nd.MD, we connect you with compassionate, skilled nurses and board-certified, leading doctors across the country for an expert medical consultation via phone or video.

2nd.MD expert specialists can help you:

  • Understand a new or chronic diagnosis and treatment options
  • Learn about new breakthrough treatments and trials specific to your condition that may not be known by a local provider
  • Understand if a recommended surgery is the best option and understand alternative options

About the Specialists That Work With 2nd.MD

2nd.MD has access to more than 900 expert physician specialists representing all specialties and subspecialties, ensuring you are connected to the appropriate specialist. You can be sure the specialist you talk to will be one of the nation’s best because we choose them based on their years of practice in their niche subspecialty, research and academic publications.

We streamline the pathway to optimal health. Our members say they have never spoken to a doctor for this long or understood their condition so clearly.


The average number of minutes a member talks to one of our expert physician specialists via phone or video call from the comfort of their own home.


Our NPS score. Net Promoter Score ranges from -100 to 100 and measures customer loyalty and willingness to recommend a brand.


The number of board-certified physician specialists we work with from the nation’s leading centers of excellence, academic, medical and research facilities


The percent of members who say that receiving a consult increases their appreciation of their company’s benefits


The percentage of consults that lead to an alternative treatment plan


The percentage of consults that lead to an alternate diagnosis


The percentage of consults that lead to voluntarily canceled surgeries

Source: 2nd.MD Book of Business Statistics 2021